Wednesday, November 15, 2006

InCircles Launches 'CM' Network

InCircles has developed a proprietary communications platform that leverages concurrent messaging and interactive meta networks built on top of the web.

Breakthrough - Unlike existing IM networks that restrict you to one-on-one conversations with people you already know, InCircles is the first truly distributed CM (Concurrent Messaging) network that connects concurrent web users en masse!

InCircles immediately detects a user's presence on a website and allows them to communicate with everyone else - in a group with select friends, privately one on one and collectively on the web page itself.

InCircles enables users to form groups and traverse the InCircles meta networks, which consist of high-density sites where other users are discussing their favorite topics in real-time. Unprecedented group travel allows users to surf the web in packs, ushering in a new era of real-time interaction and content sharing!

InCircles can be embedded on millions of sites - unlike their competitors, InCircles technology also functions over many common filters and widget impediments (e.g. MySpace). Simply drop the code on your site once; thanks to a Flash-based frontend, all future updates will be automatically pushed to the user when their page is refreshed.

As a publishing tool and traffic accelerator, InCircles allows websites to be connected to one another via a meta network, resulting in a boost in traffic and user-base that wouldn't have existed otherwise. InCircles allows both conceptually disparate and similar sites alike to exchange traffic by sharing contextual relevancy across the InCircles network, giving users the ability to deduce what's happening on a publisher's page at that exact moment .

Their Popular Pages feature allows InCircles users to connect to other popular sites in their network. InCircles will be making this feature even more relevant to individual users in their beta release.

Unlike existing IM suites, InCircles is offering considerably more customization for websites that are looking to increase their traffic and user interaction. For a limited time they are offering FREE skins. InCircles are now inviting site publishers to contact them to discuss the numerous customization possibilities

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