Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Holidays

It's nearly that time again! - It's been nearly a month since our launch and our daily sign-ups are continuing to increase day over day. This week we updated both clients with new features – a 'block' feature that allows you to ignore selected users. We also added language filters as most of our larger sites requested this. We will be allowing users the option to turn language filters off in the near future.

Our friends at Friendster have been promoting us so we’re now seeing a considerable number of new Friendster users (http://www.friendster.com/incircles). We were also featured on a Microsoft.spaces.live hack site. These guys created a great way to put 'inCircles' on 'spaces' pages - so we're seeing equally high sign-ups on spaces too. As we predicted inCircles is most popular on blogs and social networks. The initial reaction to our products has been very positive and has fueled us with ideas for our beta.

This month has been very interesting. We found that we were overloading our servers so we had to take our client off some of our larger blogs until we increased our backend architecture. We are now significantly upgrading our architecture and you will begin to see a steady roll out of inCircles on larger blogs during the next few months.

We're also in the process of developing an advertising system that will allow publishers to share revenue earned from placing our clients on their blogs. We are inviting bloggers to contact us if they wish to learn more about this service.

Our beta development has begun and we're excited about it. What you see today is truly just the tip of the inCircles iceberg. There are some very exciting developments in the works and we’ll be inviting approximately 10,000 of our users/publishers to participate in beta trials - beginning early next year.

We wish you all happy holidays and want to thank all our users for making inCircles work :)